What ports to open for CA ArcServe?

This is a newly-deployed CA ArcServe backup server. All the servers need to backup are located in different segment and separated by firewall. What ports need to open in order for them to communicate?
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Port 6050 for the client/agent, 6051 for the server. see below.

"CA ARCserve Backup client agent services are shared across all configured client agents. By default, Windows client agents use TCP/UDP port 6050. You can change this behavior by using the Network Configuration menu in the Backup Agent Admin"

"The default TCP and UDP ports are 6051. The TCP port is used for communication and data transfer between the backup server (cprocess) and the client agent. The Backup Manager user interface uses the UDP port to browse hosts."

BalackAuthor Commented:
And how about the MS Windows services? which one need to be started?
BalackAuthor Commented:
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