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hi Experts,

Where is the option to set a corporate wide disclaimer for all external (internet) outbound emails at Console One?

System setup -
Novell Netware 5.5
Groupwise 6.5
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at my EE Profile for a link to my website. I have a series of technical papers on my website - the two you'd be most interested in are Practical Modern sendmail Configuration and Defense in Depth: Anti-SPAM for sendmail Environments

Basically, you'd set up a Linux host running sendmail, MIMEdefang and possibly ClamAV (or some other AV solution) and/or SpamAssassin. sendmail and MIMEdefang are the two parts you need for the footer project, but once you get there, you've very close to the anti-SPAM solution I describe in the Defense in Depth paper.

Anyway, you configure GWIA to use the Linux host as its outbound relay, and you write your MIMEdefang filter to selectively add the footer (to anything it gets from the GWIA).

You'll have a number of other options as well - for example, you may wish to strip selected headers from your outbound E-Mails so as not to expose too many details of your inner network configuration (e.g. server names, IPs, software versions). MIMEdefang can operate on SMTP E-Mail at a level best described as surgical.

Just how far you take this is up to you - put an AV software and a tool like SpamAssassin on  the Linux host, point your MX records at it, and you've got an effective anti-SPAM tool - better than anything I've seen for GroupWise (although I've not looked at GW v8). Most anti-SPAM tools I've seen for GroupWise operate post-acceptance.. the E-Mail has already gotten into the GWIA, and might have even get as far as an MTA before it gets scanned and processed - that's way too late in my book. 50% of SPAM can be rejected by HELO.
In ConsoleOne, under Tools->GroupWise System Operations->Global Signatures, you create the signatures you want to be available throughout the GW system. You can also set the default signature here.

Then on a GW object, go to Tools->GroupWise Utilities->Client Options->Send->Global Signature, you can choose the signature to apply to that object, choose for it to apply to all messages or external only, and lock the setting at that level....
kenny_klbnAuthor Commented:
hi BWaring,

no such option in ConsoleOne. Im using Groupwise 6.5
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Sorry, read that as NetWare 6.5! The global sig was added in GW 7... There are (were) add-on products to do it, but may be hard to find now that GW 6.5 is so old...
No, there is no real way to do this in a stock GroupWise v6.5 environment. As BWaring observes, that's a very old GroupWise version - the current is v8.0.

BTW, there was no Netware 5.5. There was NetWare v5.0 and NetWare v5.1, but the next version after that was v6.0. You can run GroupWise v6.5 on NetWare v5.1, but I don't think it could run on NetWare v5.0 (I might be wrong - unlike M$, Novell is generally very good about not forcing you to forklift your entire environment just to upgrade one component).

There was a 3rd party tool, GWAVAsig, but I do not recommend it. See

Generally, E-mail disclaimers aren't worth the photons needed to display them on the screen. Typically, however, things like this are driven by clue-free PHBs and/or lawyer types - they're usually immune to the effects of reality and so want the disclaimer even when it's worthless.

If you just absolutely have to have it, and can't be bothered to upgrade your NetWare/GroupWise environment to modern/supported versions, then you can try front-ending your GWIA with a Linux-based SMTP relay running sendmail, and use a MILTER like MIMEdefang to add the footer.
kenny_klbnAuthor Commented:
hi PsiCop,

Sorry for the late response.

May i request for a little more infor on "front-ending your GWIA with a Linux-based SMTP relay running sendmail, and use a MILTER like MIMEdefang to add the footer."

thanks in advance.
kenny_klbnAuthor Commented:
hi Psi Cop,

Ive read the part on novell's sendmail integration

would appreciate your help to source for online article / technical doc specifically on implementation details. We are not experts on Linux and thus would appreciate your advise on the recommended "Linux-based SMTP relay running sendmail"

i will continue to google for more infor.
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