windows 7 deleted user recover outlok pst

Windows 7 ultimate. I created a new user and deleted the old user selecting keep files. In XP I would have been able to recover everything ie nothing deleted. Windows 7 moves the user profile file to the desktop of the new user. Unfortunately everything except the outlook pst file or any of the hidden files. Microsoft, thank you very much. does anyone know if this essential profile data is recoverable.. Ive tried system restore which recreates the user profile except for the pst file.
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Right click c:\users folder and select Properties

2. Goto Previous Versions tab

3. Open a previous restore point before you delete the user of [User name]

4. Goto "C:\Users\[User name]\Documents\Outlook Files" in the previous restore point, the Outlook.pst file shall be there and you can copy it back to your restored user profile.
duncaninnzAuthor Commented:
Correction it recovers the user details but none of the data. Fortunately I have the backup profile prior to the system restore
Try to search on your local computer for *.PST file, and make sure you have enable "find in hidden and system files" option so that all the *.PST file on your local computer can be found.

If this still cannot find the PST file you want, then you can use

Advanced Outlook Data Recovery


to scan the whole drive or disk where you have stored your PST file in the past, and make sure to let it output the fixed PST file to anther disk(such as a USB flash drive).
duncaninnzAuthor Commented:
Perfect, that worked a treat. didnt realise VSS was operational in win 7. At last I've found a benefit. Still wouldnt have occurred in XP though.
Thanks very much for the help. It saved the day.
Jackie ManCommented:
Glad to know that you have fixed the problem.

Windows 7 and Vista are based on server technology but with an improved user interface. So, VSS is enabled by default unless you manually disable it.

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