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Mulitple Exchange 2010 Send/Receive Limits

Hello Experts,

I want to set up a policy which can be applied to users to limit the size of each email they send/receive based on their requirements.

Eg: Policy for maximum of 5mb and a different policy for a maximum of 10mb, 15mb and 30mb.

I have looked on Exchange 2010 managemet console as well as online and know that this can be done globally (1 set of rules for maximum send/receive limit) as well as the mailbox level, but it seems like individual mailboxes will need to be changed to acheive this.  Also different receive connectors but I dont think that this is useful for this type of scenario.

If that is the case and multiple send/receive limits can only be defined at the mailbox level, is there a way to quickly deploy to multiple users (or even ad based groups) at once?

So the questions I have are:

1) Is it possible to sent mulitple send/receive limits and deploy change to users/groups?

2) Is there a way to change this at the mailbox level at a faster rate of one at a time (eg powershell scripting for mass users)?

Many thanks.

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2 Solutions
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
1. You can have a limit set on the mailboxes.

2. Yes, you can use Powershell. For example, get-mailbox -organizationalunit "ouname" | set-mailbox -MaxSendSize 10mb -maxReceiveSize 10mb
it is possible using scripts

1. Create a CSV file with all the usernames of all users whom you want to change message size - with heading for that column as UName
2. run the below powershell cmdlets

$users = import-csv "<Location of CSV>"
$users | foreach{set-mailbox -identity $_.UName -MaxReceiveSize <Size> -MaxSendSize <Size> -whatif}

Once output is what you want, remove -whatif and run the command

Hope that helps

elmtree_support_teamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick responses  :)

So basically there is no way to set mulitple mailbox policies which can restrict  the send and receive limits...?
elmtree_support_teamAuthor Commented:
Solution not accurate because there was no definitive answer to the main question only answers which would potentially resolve.

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