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SQL help

Hi Experts,

I have 1 table, with historic data. The table contains development tasks. Each task has a unique id (A number).
This means that this table has a record for each change to a task and a time stamp. What i need is to create some statistic numbers.

What i do is i that i finds some criteria like "WHERE Status<7 and Start_Date is null and registration_date<#02/28/2011#"

But these criteria should only be used on the latest record for each development task(the unique number) and within the criteria above.

Can i get some help with creating a  query that can do this?
1 Solution
create a stored query like this:

Select t1.* from yourtable as t1 where
   t1.yourtimestamp =
        (select max(t2.yourtimestamp) from yourtable as t2 where t2.uniqueId = t1.uniqueID)

That query produces a resultset of only the latest rows.  Then run your other SQL against the stored query instead of the complete table.  i.e.

Select * from yourquery
   WHERE Status<7 and Start_Date is null and registration_date<#02/28/2011#

DCRAPACCESSAuthor Commented:
Yes of course, how cloud i forget that. Thanks for your time

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