Do you have a list of Goldmine Dashboard Macros

I am looking for a comprehensive list of Goldmine Dashboard Macros for GM 9.01.  I am looking for both formats like {{contact_db}} and the <<~CURRENT_USER>>

I sure would appreciate a list and a description of how it is used.
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ok, so i done some digging in the EXE and found all this


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i have not produced or looked at any dashboards so not sure here but i suspect that {{}} will also be a field name in many cases

Hope it helps a little.
Sorry, there is no such list.
mfleet100Author Commented:
It answered the question adequately - but unfortunately it did not help my problem - but not the responders shortcoming - I was just asking a question which apparently has no answer

Sorry but there is a list, maybe not very comprehensive but certainly does not give examples on how to use

This was taken from the help

 Dashboard Macros

Below is a list of supported Macros that can be used when creating SQL query statements for a New Data Source.
 Date Macros
This group can be used only with date/datetime fields (OnDate, CREATED, etc.)
l <<~CURRENT_YEAR>> current year
l <<~CURRENT_MONTH>> current month
l <<~CURRENT_QUARTER>> current quarter
l <<~CURRENT_DAY>> current day

This group can be used only with date/datetime fields (OnDate,MODIFIED, etc.)
l <<~LAST_YEAR>> last (previous) year
l <<~LAST_MONTH>> last month
l <<~LAST_QUARTER>> last quarter
l <<~LAST_DAY>> last day
l <<~CURRENT_DATE>> current date
l <<~FY_END>> when fiscal year ends (month)

 User Macros
l <<~CURRENT_USER>> logged/current user
l <<~IS_CURRENT_USER_MASTER>> replaced by
l <<~USER_GROUP_MEMBERS>> user group’s name, replaced by group’s members list (“, ‘USER1’, ‘USER2’)

 Contact Macros
l <<~CONTACT_FILTER>> contact filter
l <<~CONTACT_GROUP>> contact group

 Runtime Filters
l <<__INACTIVE_STATE__>> ignore runtime filter (by default value will be placed)
l <<__IGNORE_STATE__>> ignore runtime filter and its default value
l <<VALUE>> shows place where value from part will be replaced
l <<VALUES>> the same as <<VALUE>>, but several values can be replaced (our grid supports multi selection)
mfleet100Author Commented:
Greetings - this is the standard list of values that Frontrange produces in their very limited documentation.  Which I already have.  What I am really looking for are the ones that are not in the documentation for use in the Data Source queries.

For instance {{contact_db}} - is not in the list above - but can be used to identify a specific database in a multi database installation.  There are a number of others like this.  I can see them when I look at the data source queries for the dashboards that are provided by Frontrange - but there is no place I can find a comprehensive list or even an explanation of what they are.
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