Need to hide server drives on Published Citrix Desktop


I'm currently working on a Test Citrix farm at the moment. I discovered that the Server drives are available to users from published desktops! Is there anyway the drives can be hidden because it's a bit of a security issue!


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Vipin VasudevanInfrastructure SpecialistCommented:
Open trerminal Server configuration...

On ICA/ RCP settings go to client settings and you can disable the local dive mapping while loggin in in Citrix application or desktop

and this forum is giving more otions too
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Vipin VasudevanInfrastructure SpecialistCommented:
For more....

Open terminal Service Configurations > On connections > go to  proprties of both ICA and RDP on client settings check box for drive mapping will do
You can achieve it in two ways:-

1)In windows 2003, you can modify the below GPO:

User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Explorer | "Hide these specified drives in My Computer"  and "Prevent access to drives from My Computer"

2)  You can use "hidecalc"; the tool can creare an .adm or .reg file
I use policy on all my Citrix servers (in a special container just for them) to hide my system drives (I know they are there so can still get to what I want).
For the
<User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer>
set the value of
Hide these specified drives in My Computer
and put the values for your local drives on the server

now any one who tries to browse "my computer" will not see the disk.  - warning you can enter c: and it will still "find" the disk, if you want it locked down tighter you can also prevent access etc...
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