Network down in SBS 2003


I have mysteriously lost network and internet connectivity with my setup.

I have a SBS 2003 Server with two workstations connected to it via ethernet and 2 laptops connecting using wifi via a linksys WRT54GL router.

When I log on via the workstations they are unable to grab the roaming profile from the server

When I ping the server from the workstations or laptop, it times out.

I am no longer able to log into the router either.

After restarting the sever a few times I am getting the following error message.
TCP/IP Services Application encountered a problem
tcpsvcs.exe, 5.2.3790.0, ntdll.dll, 5.2.3790.4789, 0004cd02

Any ideas, this problem just suddenly happened over night.
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edli83Author Commented:

This has seemed to resolve it
edli83Author Commented:
I have tried all 3 threads.

I cannot run the CEICW, I get "The wizard cannot set the DHCP scope options....." error message

I have checked in DHCP and for some reason it is now blank.
When I add the server, I get the "cannot find the DHCP Server" error message
edli83Author Commented:
Ok I have restarted DHCP from services.msc (it was stopped)

and I have now deleted and reconfigured the scope and run CEICW, but still no luck....
edli83Author Commented:
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