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steps to copy a complete asp .net web site with back ended SQL database to another server

newbie. I have to make a complete copy of a  asp .net web site ( all the files) including it's back ended SQL database and all existing data. The complete package will  then be installed on other set of machines.  need steps how to do this?
2 Solutions
Database is one part of the ASP.Net application.
Their are settings in the web.config on that you need to configure it on the new server.
 connection string

About asp.net application it is deployed on the server using IIS configuration.

A - Data

1 - Go to the directory that your webiste(s) are in.
2 - Search for web.config file(s).
3 - Inside web.config file(s) search for "connectionstring". Note: connection string can be found in anywhere in the code, in most cases they will be stored in web.config files in connectionstring tag. Backup all the databases found in your connectionstrings (your connection string should have the security information necessary and the server name which the database is in).
4 -  Restore them to your new server.

B - Web Sites

1 - Copy all your web sites and paste them to their new server / folder etc.

C - Configurating Websites

1 - Configure IIS: You can just export and import the settings from your previous IIS. If you can't do that:
1.a - Create the website(s) as it was in your previous server.
1.b - Look for any virtual directories or applications in your previous website(s)
2 - Open web.config files of your new websites and change the connection string information which contains the info of the databases you just restored.
tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
great, thank you

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