best practice guide for satellite office domain controller

I am looking for a best practice guide for a w2k8 domain controller to be put in a satellite office of ours that is linked to our DC at the main office, again another w2k8 DC
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Mohamed ElManakhlyInfrastructure Team LeaderCommented:
well since there would be no admins there i suggest you secure it by installing a server core RODC DC .. and ofcourse you need to install it with the install from media option unless its okay for you to download huge data according to your AD database size
as for which dns should your satallite site users should use , diffenetly install the DNS role on that server and let it be there primary dns server
please see link below:

happy reading :)
Mohamed ElManakhlyInfrastructure Team LeaderCommented:
are there going to be administrators there ?

you could consider installing a windows 2008 RODC (Read only domain controller) on a windows core installtion using the install from media option to get pass the initial AD replication.
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mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
nope there will be no onsite administrators

Also that technet article from xmlmagician does not really help

I will be more specific in what I am looking for.

I have built PDC and BDC on the main site, I need to know for a satellite office for the dc over there, which will not be a child domain, just an additional dc, if I need to build it simply with a secondary DC setup like I would for the main office?
Also what is the best way to setup dns for the users?  meaning should their primary dns be the main office dns or should the satellite office dns be the primary dns on both the computers and the server?
mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
Gotchya thanks alot M-Manakhly so I should do the RODC, but that part will be out of my hands for certain reasons, but the DNS server role should be installed on the satellite office DC and have that primary DNS for all equipment
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