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This is on a Macbook Pro.  I ripped several cd's with a program called Handbrake and converted them to .mp4 files.  This works fine on my ipad but it is not the right conversion for my ipod classic.  Is there a program that I can batch covert several mp4 files so they would be able to play on my ipod classic?  It would be nice if there was a free version.
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i use magic video converter for windows. (,it is a good and simple program,but is not free and i dont know if it exists for mac.
Down you have some links for free mac software, hope it will be usefull

Opensource mac Video Converters
There is. this program is awesome. It isnt free but worth it. 
Forgot to mention, when you buy the license to get access to other software as well. There video converter is awesome too.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
handbrake will do it.. did you try converting to legacy classic?
Avidemux has a built-in profile for iPod-compatible MP4 files and can batch process.  It is also free.
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