MS Project Setting Duration over Multiple Days

Using MS Project 2010 (not server version)
I have a task that duration is 6 hours. I have two resources assigned to the task but I need to spread the task over 6 days. I set the task mode to manual but when I change the finish date it adds the total hours across 6 days instead of letting me spread the 6 hours across it.
Is there a way for me to allocate this?
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Sorry that would be 13% - a couple of notes
Enter the start date and the finish date
Enter the hours of the task
Then change the UNITS of the RESOURCE to 13%
Set the availability of your resources to 8% that should do it
Since you have a resource allocated to a task, and the resource works 8 hours per day you need to specify what % of the resources time will be provided to this task.

Given that you want the 6 hours to last 6 days, it means that more or less the resource will work 1 hour per day (1/8 which approximately 12.5%)

To change this, double click on the task, select the RESOURCES tab and type in 12.5% next to each name for each resource...that should do the proper allocation of time.
usky1Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick answer. Worked great.
you are welcome...glad I could help
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