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Access Form record count differs from Table record count

I have a DB with a table called ‘TestBooking’ to which I have a query called ‘TestBooking Query’
I have a form with the RecordSource as ‘TestBooking Query’
For test purposes I have entered some values into a field called [Works Order No].
(4 records as follows:- “79804”, “79805”, “79806”, “79807”)

I want to the user to enter a number (as string) onto my form.
Then the system finds the record and then the record can be displayed/edited.

The problem:
The form only shows ‘records 1 of 1’ whereas the DB (& therefore query) has 4 records.

This means that if I use the built-in ‘find’ it cannot find any records.
(even the < or > buttons are grayed).

I have also written some VBA event code to find a string within [Works Order No] and even this can’t find any records.

I am fairly new to Access so I must be doing something wrong.

Can anybody help?
2 Solutions
If this is all test data and not confidential,  maybe you could upload your database file for the experts to have a look at.....
Is the form set to use the "query" or table as input?
This is not needed if you are searching to fill a form based on an entered key.
What you should have is a drop down/combo box for the input and Select the item you want then fill the form with the data ( MOdify the Recordsource)

Look at form  frmlToolsLookUpAfterUpdate
I locked the data on this form so it cannot be updated
and see the "AfterUpdate" for Tool_PK
Less code and changes the recordsource.
It will show the last one used when it opens.
Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:
Then it looks like the forms is opened to display a specific record.

In order for your "Search" to display another "Filtered" record, you will have to remove this filter, then apply the new filter

Try something like this as a start, on a button on the form:

'Clear the old filter
'Apply the new filter
Me.Filter="[Works Order No]"= &  "'" & me.txtWorksOrderNo & "'"

usatrfeAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay in finalising this question.

My form was open to display a specific record so removing the filter worked but prevented me from displaying data (blank fields) unless I did a search. I added a combobox to make the search more user friendly. I then created a 'default' dummy record that prevented the user from seeing empty boxes when they first use the form.

Thanks for your kind assistance.

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