2008 or 2008R2 Dilemma

I have 8 servers running 2003R2 (I had purchased 2008 Server licenses back in 2008 with no software assurance),  I just purchased 4 new servers and was planning on loading 2008R2 on them and then migrating 4 of the previous 8 I have 2003R2 Server on and retiring 4 of the older servers.

I just read that 2008R2 requires new Server licenses!!!! (Not CALS).

Is 2008R2 worth the $8000 it will cost me for the new licenses?
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I would say NO it's not worth it.  But your specific system and requirements are the real factor.

Suggest you read the R2 features and see if you need any of them.

Also, are your 2003R2 32bit or 64bit?  2008 has a 32bit version.  So you should check all your applications and whatnot to see if they supported 64 bit - there could be more costs.

Also, depending on your needs.  I would think that all servers don't need to be 2008R2.  If there is a feature you need or like, then maybe only 1 or 2 servers need to be 2008R2 and the rest will be fine on 2008.

It all depends if you require its new features.  Take a look:
Darius GhassemCommented:
If you have the Windows 2008 Server licenses I would stick with these editions unless you want to move up to get some additional features really dependent on the wait of the features and cost of the upgrade
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BFanguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,  one more question, do I need a windows 2008 domain controller on the network before I start adding 2008 machines?  i.e. i need to load 2008 sql server,  i have a new box that I was going to load 2008R2 - looks like I am going to go with 2008 64bit - do i need to have a 2008 domain controller up before I load the 2008 sql server?
No you don't.  The server will act as a member server.
BFanguyAuthor Commented:
thanks,  I think I may upgrade a couple of my machines to 2008R2 based on options.
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