VLANS - Aditional Switchs

I have an Summit X250e-48p which has several VLANS configured on it.
I need to add a Netgear switch to give me more ports.

When a PC logs into the network it gets an IP address of 172.16.12.xx
When a VOIP phone comes on it has an ip address of 172.16.16.xx and is on VLAN10

OK I need to add a switch to this Summit X250e-48p so I can give me more ports.   How do I do this and do I need to use trunking?

Thanks in advance.
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JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
you will need to use trunking on ports connecting switches

interface g0/1
 switchport trunk encaps dot1q
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 10
 no shut
same on another one - dont forget to add ports to vlan 10 on new switch

interface FastEthernet0/1
 switchport access vlan 1
 switchport voice vlan 10
 spanning-tree portfast

JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
And a layer two will have this?
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What type of Netgear are you going to use. I am sure both switches will support 802.1q. You hurdle will be deciphering their CLI syntax to create the trunks and vlans. I am almost positive the Summit CLI is not like Cisco's which the previous comment provided.
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
It is better to configure trunks between the ports, dont make them access ports (just trunks, and allow the vlans you are using) it will directly work and dhcp will respond to hosts connected to your new switch

Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys one thing I also realised is that the device im plugging in is a VOIP Phone and gets updates from different servers will this make a dif?
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
for the port with voip phone is this a cisco IP phone ?
it makes a difference cause configuring voice vlan on the access ports works for the cisco phones and not all
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