view tables and queries in access 2010 runtime

I am new to Access 2010. I am a little familiar with the ribbons that can be created but is there a way to allow the user to see the tables and queries similar to the navigation pane when you create a runtime version?
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Not in the navigation pane.

You have to build such a list if you want the users to see it.

You can use queries based on msysobjects table to get a list of tables and/or queries and create listboxes or comboboxes from such queries.


Select [Name] from msysobjects where type = 1 and [name] not like "msys*" and [name] not like "f_*"
You can create a Form object the lists the tables in a List Box control.  You can integrate the Query objects into the same List Box, or create another one.

But ... what is your intent in providing this capability?  If its to provide acces to the data that is presented via the Queries, or the data that is stored in the Tables, then the path for doing that is to create Form objects that expose that data to the user.
dlord54Author Commented:
Thanks for your help. I now know the direction that I need to take.
FYI ...

Tables ...

Select [Name] from msysobjects where type In (1,4,6) and [name] not like "msys*" and [name] not like "USys*"

Queries ...
Select [Name] from msysobjects where type = 5 and [name] not like "~*"
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