Dealing with spam on an SBS 2003 server

I've just got one client I support to switch over from POP3 accounts to using their Exchange on an SBS 2003 server.

Neither the ISP, BT or the Domain Hosting company could offer smart hosting so mail is coming directly to the server and I am dealing with the spam issues. I've deliberately avoided any third party solutions as I've used GFI Mail Essentials a couple of times and not been very impressed.

I've changed the SCL in Internet Message Filtering from 8 to 6 and told it to move them to the recipient's Junk folders until we get the level correct.

I've set their Outlooks to block any emails coming from any of their email aliases, and that's about it.

Is there anything else I should do - all my other mail servers use smarthosts and it's been a while since I did this, but it's only seven users and easy to not the busiest in the world?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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mikeabc27Author Commented:
Thanks and I'm sorry about getting confused about the smarthost.

I follow a Petri article and that's worked perfectly.

One thing you need to be clear though Smart Host is what you use to SEND email, not receiving. If you receive/send email directly through DNS then you can't use smart host.

I believe you do need a good spam filter if using email through DNS. I have used something called Mail Foundary before, which traps all suspecting emails and at end of day they deliver a notification email to you teling you all the trapped emails, and you have chance to "release" those you want to receive.

Also used Black Spider before, but they are more expensive.
mikeabc27Author Commented:
Found web article to resolve issues.
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