How can I get 3 users to be able to share one calendar, each having authority to add or modify

I have a group of 3 users that are using OUTLOOK 2007 on EXCHANGE 2007. They all want to be able to share one calendar and each is to have authority to make changes or add events. What is the best way to do this? They are also hoping that they can have it set to each user has different color text when they make this possible?
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danielmarkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In 2007 if you have public folders enabled, public folders will work as a shared calendar. But by default if during Exchange install you do not have 2003 or older clients. the install wizard will not create public folders.
Share one users folder and give the other 2 permission to add / change items on the calendar
Create a public calender that only those three have access to.
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The single new mailbox and share is a good idea. Grant all users access to the mailbox and add the mailbox to each user's outlook.

Add-MailboxPermission -id {oldusername} -AccessRights fullaccess -user "{domainname\manager}"

If the user's id for the calendar is calendar1 and one of the user's id is pjones

Add-MailboxPermission -id calendar1 -AccessRights fullaccess -user "pjones"

Note you might have to include the domain as well so if thier login domain is westworld

Add-MailboxPermission -id calendar1 -AccessRights fullaccess -user "westworld\pjones"

to add the mailbox to outlook
tools, account settings, change, more settings, advanced add and type calendar1

Thor2923Author Commented:
Apparently one user already has a calender on his local OUTLOOK 2007 configured with events. He wants to share with 2 others and give them permissions to make changes. When I share my calendar, in a test environment, I only give the other users permissio to read. How can I give them permission to make changes in my calendar?

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity\calendar -User -AccessRights Owner

the above command should work if Joe is the person sharing rthe calendar and ed is the person you want to grantpermisssion to. Oh and is the domain. Just replace with your information

you could try reviewer instead of owner or fullaccess permissions as well.
good luck
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