outlook 2010 - sent email not in sent folder - exchange 2010 - 2008r2 enviroment

After sending email using  outlook 2010 in an exchange 2010 - 2008 r2 environment, the sent mail does not appear in the sent folder. This is a random issue. The problem does not happen all the time. Plus the same email addresses - sometimes show up in the sent folder and other times do not. The only difference within a normal Exchange setup, we are using PST to do local archiving of older emails.This maybe unrelated to the problem.
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Brian GeeCommented:
If disabling the rules doesn't work or if you don't see any rules, try closing Outlook and then relaunch it from the Run window using the cleanrules switch.

outlook /cleanrules
Check for a rule moving it somewhere else?
Looks lik a rule issue. disable alll the rules and try sending the mail from OWA...
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