P2055dn tray problem

I have am HP P2055dn printer that I'd like to configure to pull paper from the first available tray instead of the specified tray.  I can not seem to find where I can change this.
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From the LaserJet P2050 series User Guide, one possible equivalent may be:


Select 'Override' from the 'Paper out time' list to send the print job to another paper tray.

The 'Paper out time' field specifies how long the product waits before acting on your selections. You
can specify from 0 to 3600 seconds.


Tray 1 would have to be empty for this to be effective.
The usual paper selection rule with laser printers is that the media (paper) source) is identified, in priority order (highest first) by settings/selection within:

- source document
- source application
- print driver options
- print driver defaults
- printer defaults

So settings on the printer will not override input tray specifications made elsewhere.
... and media source selection can be specified in more than one way; for example:

- tray identifier (note that the Page Description Language tray identifier is rarely the same as the physical external tray number).

- Paper Size and tray identifier

- Paper Size and Paper Type (e.g. 'A4' and 'Letterhead').
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DCS12Author Commented:
Are you saying that I can't do this?  I know you can on some of the work group Laserjet printers.
>> ... I know you can on some of the work group Laserjet printers ...

You need to explain , in detail, just what it is that you think you can do; it may be that I've misinterpreted your brief initial description / question.
DCS12Author Commented:
I want the printer to pull from what ever tray has paper in it regardless of what tray the print job is specifying.  This is an option on the LaserJet P4015 called Tray Behavior.  I have the options:
1. First or 2. Exclusively

I can not find this option on the P2055 and every print job that comes from my software system specifies tray 1, which is the tiny fold down tray.

The LJ4010 series devices do indeed appear to have an 'override' feature, as you describe:



Select whether the product tries to pull paper from a different tray than the one that you selected in the print driver.

Sets the product to pull from the tray that you selected and not pull from another tray, even if the tray that you selected is empty.

Sets the product to pull from the tray that you selected first, but allows the product to pull from another tray automatically if the tray that you selected is empty.


I wasn't aware of this feature (I'm retired now, and only have access to one small personal LaserJet device).
DCS12Author Commented:
I will try this.
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