input form not working

hello i have attached db
I have a form- not working right-
when open you will see form come up-
i want to be able to add number to pre number and have it fill each record and if i change number then next records change to new number.
number field can have any number added to it ( now I have made not work at all)-
serial no and code are always already inputed.
thank you
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At first add key to the table tbl1 (SerialNumber). After you will be able to fill Number field.
You can use form header for fields, which should be added to values in you tables and use queries for changing values in tables
May be you can prepare example in Excel of initial values and expected result?
Do you create a Number based on field SerialNumber, Prenumber, Number and Code?

Try to avoid user the Name Number, while thats is a Reserverd Word in Access.

If you want a customized kind of AutoNumber, look into this threads;

davetoughAuthor Commented:
adding primary key helped your right- now just need to not change records that filled in before
If you will change data with query, you can add criteria is null for selection only non-filled fields
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