yahoo messenger password retrieve

1)i forgot my yahoo email password , although my password is saved in my yahoo messenger nd  i can login to my email a/c through messenger.. but unfortunately i culdnt reset my password coz i have also forgotton my secret question, DOB etc.. so how can i retrieve my password while using the saved yahoo messenger password... i really need it on urgent basis thnx..
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Scay7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
@ModCorlEEone appologies for the violation...
@DavisMcCarn that is the same thing as:
Section 4.E Specifies the following:
xvi. Violating system and network security.


My friend due to restrictions via this site, your only other option in regards to you current problem is to make up a new user, making sure that you same all the passwords somewhere...
As for you old contacts write them down on a piece of paper somewhere and reconnect with them on your new user....

I did mention this in my other post which has been deleted so im re posting it here...

reset the password via email and not the secret question option?

All Yahoo accounts share the same user ID and password, so changing the password from your Yahoo Mail account will change it for Messenger too.

You need to remember your original password for the 'Change Password' link to work! Clicking the 'I forgot my password' link only works if you already have registered an alternate e-mail where the password can be sent.

or try:

sabk3Author Commented:
as i mentioned i have forgotten my password.. pass is saved in my yahoo messenger.. i culdnt reset via yahoo reset option coz i dont DOB, secret question or any other info which i entered in creating this account..basically i created it as a test a/c but with the passage of time i used it as a my personal account..
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sabk3Author Commented:
i tried it but didnt succeed
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
You will probably need to beat your antivirus into accepting this; but MessenPass by Nirsoft has a pretty good chance of showing you your password:
If that doesn't work, try the IE Passview which is also listed on the page.
Protected Storage PassView v1.63

If you have local admin access to YOUR box, this is not a violation of circumventing any securities.

If the password is stored in Protected Storage in your OS, this, if not the other Nirsoft util above will help retrieve it.

It is perfectly legal, and will not help crak/hack 3rd party machines.... Need local admin rights to the box.....
sabk3Author Commented:
i have tried all the solutions but not succeeded..
@Scay7 .. this a/c is v imp .. i really want its pass back..
Messenpass didnt work? Are you sure it is stored then locally on teh PC? That, or PSPV should have retrieved it....
sabk3Author Commented:
yeh i have tried all these s/w.. it didnt show any thing..
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
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