Clearing out old entries in Windows Boot Manager

I've been experimenting with using PXE boot to allow new PCs to boot over the network to be imaged instead of using Ghost Boot CDs.  

Now there are a bunch of entries in the Windows Boot Manager that I'd like to remove.  (See photo.)  The ghost server is running Windows Server 2003 SP2.   Windows Boot Manager Entries
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laperryAuthor Commented:
I found the KB on this option in case anyone else has this issue:


You want to create multiple WinPE boot image with PXE, or you have a multiple WinPE menus and you want to know how to delete some of them


To create new WinPE menu:

    Run Ghost Boot Wizard and create your second WinPE boot image under the TFTPBOOT folder, PXE will read each WinPE image under Boot folder as a menu item.

To edit the WinPE menu:

    PXE access all the boot images by default from c:\TFTPBOOT\boot. Under the boot folder you should have a multiple files with the wim extension. Each wim file is a copy of WinPE. The menu item you can see on the client side is the name of those wim files.
    To delete a menu item, you cannot simply delete the WIM file out of c:\tftpboot\boot. If you only delete the WIM file out of the c:\TFTPBOOT\boot folder, that menu item will still exist on the client machine when you boot it from the NIC. If you tried then to choose that WIM menu item that had been deleted, you would receive an error message.
    The only way to completely start over with your Windows PE menu is to clear the contents of the c:\TFTPBOOT folder (with the exception of the bootptab file) and then to use the Ghost Boot Wizard to recreate your PXE boot package.
That must have came from your Image, but you can clear them out by editing your boot.ini. But BE VERY CAREFUL.
Check out the Screen shot that I attached
Just remove the extra enteries
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laperryAuthor Commented:
I looked there before posting...

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Enterprise" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptOut
are you sure you don't have the boot disk in your system when you are booting? That screen that shows up comes from some kind of a boot manager.

in not then get any windows XP CD and boot with it into the Windows Recovery Console.

Try this FIXBOOT, if that doesn't do it Then you can type FDISK /MBR that should clear it for sure.
laperryAuthor Commented:
This Windows Boot Manager menu appears when I PXE boot any computer on my network.  I'm assuming these files are on my Ghost server, because that's where my PXE server and TFTP server are running.  There's no boot disk in either the Ghost server nor my disk.  If I choose one of the selections on the Windows Boot Manager, it launches a ghost session on the client computer.  Before I turn the process over, I'd like to streamline it a bit.  I've found how to add entries but not remove them, as evident from my screenshot.

Does this help?  Thanks!
It appears that these are part of your PXE menu and that is where you should be looking, on the ghost server itself.
Check the ghost manual on PXE booting configuration.

I hope this helps !
laperryAuthor Commented:
I hope that this posting will help others with this scenario.
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