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I am in the middle of upgrading my Quickbooks 2005 Pro to Quickbooks 2010 Pro. After installing the server, transferring the company files and installing one client machine, I ran a test by attempting to connect to the newly converted company files on the server. I noticed at this time that the admin account in one of the comapny files was missing. Called quickbooks support and they told me it is virtually impossible to delete this account, even though I told them it appartently had been because it wasn't there. My other company files have an admin account that I can see. Anyway...does anyone know of a way to recover from this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If the ledger in question has no admin account, this means you cannot add users.

Check the following (you may have already):
1. The "admin" account may not be admin, so check each userid to see if it is a member of the QB admin group.
2. Did you try entering "admin" in the userid field? Then enter the admin password.
3. Is it the only id by any chance? Not likely based on your description.

If you try all the combinations and do not have / cannot make a proper admin ID, then you would need to use the Intuit Repair service and have them recover the ledger.

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