How to push out Intanet to all users

I am running Windows 2008 SP1. I need to push out my new Intranet site to all users desktops. Some users are running XP and other Windows 7 Pro. What do I need to do? Sciprt or GPO and how to do that? Thanks!!!!
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BDoellefeldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Where do I go to update the GPO?

The GPO will create a new favorite available in Internet Explorer.

First off install the Group Policy Management Pack from here:

Open Group Policy Management and Create a new GPO. Drill down this path to define the new favorite(s):
User Configuration > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > URLs

Enter all the new favorites you want users to have and be sure to read the options on what this will affect.

When your done you need to link the new GPO to the OU(s) that contain the Users you want to have the favorite(s) or at the domain root if you want everybody to get the favorite.

Hope that helps!
A few ideas. You can do it via GPO, via login script, or a script to copy a whatevername.lnk file to desktop folder of the 'All Users' profile (C:\Users\Public\Desktop if Windows 7).
Forgot to add, if it was me, I'd do it via GPO. Simple, easy, and clean.
dude02Author Commented:
Where do I go to update the GPO? If that doesnt work do you have any example script that would give me an idea on what to do?
If you like  you can add intranet link to the IE's Favourates by using GPO.
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