Random Calls Get Held When Trying to Park Trixbox 2.8

I have a trixbox 2.8 system setup with aastra 6731i phones.  I have a softkey setup for "Park" and a value of "700".  Sometimes when a call comes in and a user tries to park the call by pressing the softkey it just says "Call Held" and it holds the call on that phone.  It seems very odd and only happens once in a while.  Any idea what that could be?  I have upgraded the aastra phones to the 2.6 firmware since that is the firmware that announces the parking number.
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BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That means that the parking spot is already full. You can only have one call parked in the same spot on the system. You could dial the park code and pick a different spot instead of the speed dial.
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