What group or groups does a sharpoint admin have to belong to?

One of our programmers is taking over the management of sharepoint server, which will included developing the webpages, adding users, etc. I need to give him complete access so he will not have permission problems throughout the day. I would prefer not to make him a domain admin. What does he really need to belong to and what, if any do, I need to do in Sharepoint Central Administration 3.0? Do I have to make any adjustment for him in the site settings?
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Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
He doesn't need to be a domain admin. Sharepoint permissions exist independant of AD settings. He just needs to be a Site Collection Administrator in Central Admin (Go to site actions, site settings, site collection administrators) and a member of the Sharepoint Owners group for all of the sites that you have. Alternatively you can use the Advanced Permissions screen and give his user full control of everything. He will still need to be a member of the Owners group if I remember correctly, though.
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