Dell Latitude E6500 Temperature 90 C

An Employee of ours has a laptop with a T9600 Core 2 Duo Processor and the cores can run as hot as 96 C... I installed Coretemp on her computer through the Windows 7 Gadget.

I called Dell and they replaced the memory and the heatsink/Fan ... they told me if it gets hot today to call them back and they will ship us a new motherboard..

I saw right now that the computer is running at about 70 C but one of the cores hit 96 today while the other hit 86

I was wondering if there is a slight chance this is normal or should I have the motherboard replaced too?


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srjacobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, the fan should be always running.  Did the fan start up after 5 minutes?  Sometimes the fans will slow down or even stop when the system is first booted, but then they should start right after that.   If the fan isn't running, this is why the machine is getting too hot.  If  this is the CPU fan, it is probably plugged into the motherboard, and the motherboard controls the fan speed.  There might be a setting in the BIOS setup to keep the fan on all the time (a fan control parameter).  Otherwise, the fan control on the motherboard is bad, and yes, you will need a new motherboard.

If the airflow stops for what ever reason, than the system will get too hot.

The tech that came out should have check that all the fans were running, and if he found that they were shutting down, he should have addressed that.
This is not normal.  I have had laptops run as high as 60C, but 96 is way too high.  I am surprised that the CPU hasn't shut down.

I would be surprised if the motherboard was bad.  More likely, you aren't getting good airflow though the laptop.  Another possibility is that the heat sink is lacking heat sink compound and is not conducting heat away from the processor.  Another possibility is that there is too much dust build-up on some of the other heat-producing parts of the system.

My suggestion is  to have the tech come back out and clean the inside of the laptop.  Make sure all the fans are working.  Remove and reinstall the head sinks making sure there is sufficient heat sink compound under them.  Also make sure the inside is free of dust and dirt, and that all the air vents aren't blocked.
meshoxfordAuthor Commented:
He installed a new heatsink today.... I noticed when the computer booted for the first 5 minutes the fan never went on... I figured the fan should always be running right?
meshoxfordAuthor Commented:
Thank you, This is what I thought but I thought I'd ask an expert :)
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