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Is there a way to setup alerts for people with shared calendars in outlook. I have some users sharing an important calendar and they need to get alerts. Let me know if there is something I can do, Outlook 2010, Exhcange 2010.
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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IMO, Nope
The Outlook Reminders are possible only for the primary Calendar folders and not for the shared *calendar* folders

Just in case if the end-users still want the Outlook-reminders to be generated shown-up to them...they should use the option "Copy to My Calendar" button to leave another copy @ his calendar folder
Outlook Calendar and Task reminders do not appear as expected

The Calendar or Task reminder is not in your primary folder. Reminders only trigger from within the primary Calendar or Task folders. Primary folders reside where you receive messages.

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