Row height auto-adjust is insufficient when using Wrap Text in Excel


In Excel (2007), is there a limit to how many lines can be displayed in a cell when using Wrap Text?  If so, can that limit be adjusted?

I just opened a brand new workbook and widened a column (to 163).  I then pasted a text entry with 2050 characters into a cell in that column.  Next I selected all cells and clicked Wrap Text.

The row containing the text auto-adjusted its height but the adjustment was not enough to make the complete entry viewable.  To see how many lines the text actually needed, I pasted it into another cell in the same column and then manually adjusted the height.

I found that whereas 12 lines were needed to display the entire entry, the auto-adjust height was only sufficient to display 7 lines.

Out of curiosity, I repeated the same process with a width setting of 120.  This time the auto-adjust height was enough to display 9 lines of text but manual adjustment revealed that the entry needed 16 lines to be fully displayed.

Is there an explanation as to why the auto-adjust does not increase the height enough to display the complete entry?  Is there a work-around that will eliminate that limitation?

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I suspect that Excel is having some trouble interpreting the font.
Try using a fixed-point font (like  Courier New) to see if you have the same problem.
If not, try it with other fonts (Arial, Times Roman, etc) to see if the problem persists.
It may also be having a problem with the font size so maybe drop it down a point from 12 to 11 or up from 8 to 9, for example.
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