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I am looking for a software package to interact with large Databases. Basically to execute Queries and export them into mutiple formats (PDF,HML,XML, XLS, XLSX,TXT....) and generate some reports. Don't need anything too elaborate or  extended but it should interact well with large amounts of data.  
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dqmqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmm...the Oracle toolset is pretty robust when it comes to running queries and producing different kinds of exports.  I'm not sure why you need anything else.  And what audience are you targeting for this new tool?  DBA's, IT developers, managers, end-users, web-users?

If you want something that gives you a GUI tool for extracting data into various formats, do a Google search for "ETL" tools.

Oracle, SQL/Server, MySQ--probably every dbms vendor--have studios/suites that claim to do that.  And there are many third part products, as well. I'd start with getting specific about what "large databases" you want to mine and target the (sometimes free) products from the same vendor.  
Your options would be Sql Server Reporting Service and Crystal Reports by Bussiness Object
gonzalezwhAuthor Commented:
We  work with an Oracle database and it is large but not so much. I need this software as an aid with the various formats of information we load every day to the system. I can sacrifice time to belong to a lower price range.  In fact up until now Microsoft Access has been enough to do that part of the work. If you can recommend a program it does not have to be strong in report generation.
gonzalezwhAuthor Commented:
I belive there are other packages out there that are not so expensive and large. More on the middle side of the size range and price. For example Oracle PHP Generator Professional.
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