Why is Active Directory Access Denied for Computer Management of Server

I am trying to use Active Directory to manage our companies servers and view event logs.  I am able to connect and view event logs for every computer but one, and the one I can not connect to is a Server.

How can I figure out why I can not connect and view the event logs or other items from the computer management window using Active Directory.  

I dont understand how my access can be denied for just this one server.

Both servers are running Windows 2003 Server and I am using the administrator account.

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handyjayConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just found another, more describtive error.  The server running AD is using W2K3 Standard, but the server I can not access is using W2K3 SBS.  

"Version of OS on computer is later than of local computer.  This operation is not available from local"

I guess I can not access this feature since the OS is older.  Good reason to upgrade to W2K8
Mike KlineCommented:
Are you sure they didn't change the admin account credentials at that server?  Can you log into the console and access the event viewer with those same credentials.


handyjayAuthor Commented:
Yes, if I remote directly to the computer using the same admin credentials I can access it no problem.  
handyjayAuthor Commented:
figured out answer
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