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Advice for buy pc

What's the experts recomendation for buy a workstation , im in a ingeneering bussines and my specialists use Autocad and modeling software that is high demmanding in resources, I see that the 64 bit technology become part of the new standard replacing 32 bit, i want a recomendetions in terms that what are te pros/contras about it
is my actual programs running in 64 bits? any risk with my servers that are still 32 bits, any advice and suggestion is welcom you experts
thank you a lot
5 Solutions
There is a great FAQ about 64bit vs 32bit here:

Depending on who makes your Autocad software, you may or may not be able to use it with a 64bit OS.
(Legacy 32bit applications usually do well in a 64bit environment, but you'll want to make sure before making the move.)

The pros of 64bit:
Faster architecture that can handle data a lot more rapidly.
The current standard for new hardware/applications.

The cons of 64bit:
May/may not be able to support older applications.
The big plus to going 64 bit is the additional RAM support. However, like ajpowell74 said, if your software doesn't support a 64 bit architecture, it can't use the extra RAM anyway.

Once you do find out if your hardware can be run in a 64 bit environment, I would recommend going 64bit if possible. It is definitely the way the industry is going.
Most of the PCs manufactured today are x64 hardware.  x64 hardware has the option to run both x32 and x64 operating systems and software.  Traditionally, the main con to running x32 hardware or OS is that the memory is limited to 4GB (typically closer to 3.5GB useable).  The primary con to running x64 OS is the potential for driver-related issues, particularly with printers/plotters, and older peripherals/accessories.  You mention CAD and other engineering uses; consult with the vendors/manufacturers of your software, peripherals and accessories to ensure that there is x64 software and driver support for them.  

The primary pros to using x64 are support for memory above 4GB and the performance gains using x64 apps on x64 OS on x64 hardware.

That's a pretty basic answer, but should get you going.
Oh, and also check with your video card manufacturer to find out if they have 64bit support for your graphics cards.
(For the most part 64bit drivers have been around long enough that they aren't too much worry, but without knowing what kind of graphics cards you use, I can't be 100% certain. I know that the latest generations of NVidia Quadro video cards support 64bit though.)
First, it depends on what version of Autocad you are running. For a list of current minimum requirements, click here: http://usa.autodesk.com/autocad/system-requirements/

Now, Autocad is a program for drafting & design and with any program that requires drafting & design, there are three important components: gpu, cpu, and ram. If you are building a system around AutoCad, you'll want to make sure these three things are above the minimum req.  
If I had to guess, I'd probably have a quad core processor with 4gb of ram (min) and dual sli graphic processors, but a gpu with 1gb card with 1gb of cache would be acceptable. This would obviously be an ideal design, but I've built a computer like this for less than $1000, so it shouldn't be a wallet killer.

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