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Subscript out of range when calling crystal report from Delphi VCL version 5.5.1

I deploy multiple versions of reports to my customers.  Some of the reports will require certain parameters and others won't.  Here's my problem.  If I add a parameter to one report, I have to add it to all versions of the report regardless of whether they use it.  If I don't and try to run a report using a report source file that doesn't contain it I get Error:116 Subscript out of range :: ParamFields[ paramfield number].  I understand why this is happening, but is there any way I can get around it.  (i.e. if the parameter doesn't exists, just ignore it)

I'm using Crystal 8.5,  Delphi 5 and Delphi VCL version 5.5.1
Randy Rich
Randy Rich
1 Solution
I don't know what the VCL exposes but I wrote a program in VB6 using the RDC that "knew" the names of the parameters and searched the report for them then assigned values.  So if a parameter didn't exist a value wouldn't be passed even if the application thought one was needed.

You should be able to get at the number of parameters the report requires and I would assume the names.

How does your application just prompt for the parameters?

Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

I dont use Crystal Reports but generally in delphi, objects that implement some kind of Parameter list normally have methods for searching parameters



also check for a Count property
Randy RichPresidentAuthor Commented:
Yes, the component was using a paramfields property which was based off of tstringlist and therefore had a count property.  Thanks for the help

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