User archive folder missing all folders and items

I have a user whoe archive folder is empty whereas three days ago (when she last noticed it), it was 35 folders deep and a few hundred items strong.  I have located the PST (1.66GB in size) and successfully ran scanpst on it.  It found a boatload of errors and supposedly fixed them.  I copied the PST back to the network share it resides and had the user log back into Outlook.  The archive folder is STILL empty.  There is a temp file for it but i's less than 100MB.

How can I locate their missing items?
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Michael KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you still see the mail using this? 
Michael KnightCommented:
If the file is still 1.66GB it's likely all of the items are in there. I'm assuming that you simply replaced the PST to the network drive, what happens if you create an Outlook acount on a test machine then Import the PST to the folder structure do you see the items? If so it may be necessary to re-import that PST to the user's Outlook manually with the Archives foplder as the target.
Just verify that the PST is toast on a fresh account.
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