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Glare from Projector on White board

My boss decided to buy a whiteboard and mount on the wall to use as a "screen" for our digital projector.  There is a spot of intense glare visible from all areas of the room and we are getting complaints from people.  

I have to admit that I see "sun spots" when I sit in there.  It is tough enough to stay awake for some of these meetings but I have to close my eyes to keep from getting a headache and I'm afraid of fallin' asleep.  That'd be bad mojo.

Anyway, I bet there is a way to reduce this glare without changing out the white board or moving the projector.  Neither of these options would work . . .actually, they WOULD work but they are not options for us.

I was thinking of getting a polarizer for the output light but I don't know enough about this type of technology to know if it would work.

Any thoughts on how to remove this glare?
Field Marshall Bob
Field Marshall Bob
1 Solution
Jerry MillsCommented:
Talk about a rock and a hard glare!!  Try tipping the board towards the floor - enough to move the reflection below eye level but not so much as to totally distort the image.  Polarizing works on light coming in to the eye - to the best of my knowledge the glare is result of straight light path from the projector to whiteboard.  Another way to reduce the glare is to coat the surface of the whiteboard with a non-glare plastic film from Tap Plastics or other local vendor.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
It's probably easier to add a film coating to the whiteboard.  It's down to the projector design and the reflective index of the board.  Fortunately us Europeans have legislation protecting our delicate eyes.  See this thread.  Look for semi-matte white board film - you can either get it transparent or white in various sizes and just stick it to the front of your current board.
Field Marshall BobAuthor Commented:
Tilting <smack-head>.  That's just crazy enough to work.
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David L. HansenProgrammer AnalystCommented:
Have the boss sit in the worst glare spot during a presentation :-)
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
LOL - puta few flip-over sheets on the white board :) Serves both as 'white' board and will reduce the glare quit a bit...
Field Marshall BobAuthor Commented:
I tipped it up (towards the ceiling) by placing a 1x2 on the bottom edge.  It moved the glare just high enough that it is only visible if you are 7 foot tall and standing about 3 feet away.  Otherwise, you can't see it.  Love the nickel solution to a $500 problem.

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