how to integrate ms office 64bit contacts with windows 7 contacts

I had an earlier question about  integrating outlook with windows 7 contacts and the answer was that I needed to upgrage to office 210 64 bit, which I did.  but I still don't see how to integrate the two contacts lists.  That I think would be a priority for MS.  if 0ffice 2010 64 bit is has outlook running as 32bit, I can see the problem.  
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toppropsAuthor Commented:
The answer was to use 32 bit outlook, and find fax software that will integrate with it.  windows fax and scan does not and windows contacts does not.  but fast talk fax work with 32 bit outlook in 64 bit windows 7.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I may have found an answer to this question

sounds like a big issue to use 64bit outlook.  especially for syncing with mobil phones.

MS get on the stick.

toppropsAuthor Commented:
sorry, but not related to what I was asking.  the issue is that windows 7 contacts doesn't integrate with outlook contacts.  but it should.  when I asked this question earlier I got this response.

This problem occurs because Outlook is a 32bit application and Outlook runs on a WOW layer on 64bit operating system. The 32-bit outlook.exe sets the registry key in 32-bit wow registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Clients\Mail and it cannot be used by the 64bit Fax and Scan. So, we cannot launch the Outlook Contact list directly in Windows Fax in Windows 7 64 bit. The same behavior can be seen in Windows Vista 64bit and Windows XP 64bit. Also, the MAPI used is 32 bit.

Therefore, when we launch Contacts in Windows Fax and Scan on 64bit Windows 7, we will not see the Outlook contact list

but I checked and I have outlook 64bit.  And dispite what the link I referred to my iphone used itunes to sync with outlook without an error.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I gave the correct solution
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