Domain Controller vanishes for my client machine.

One of my client's servers (WS 2003, R2) periodically vanishes from my laptop (Windows 7, SP1).  I'll connect to the LAN via wireless or Ethernet and attempt to access the server via Windows Explorer and get nothing.  Efforts to ping the server or connect via RD fail as well.  Then, inexplicably, connectivity comes back.  Some details:

- When connectivity comes back, it comes back for Windows Explorer, ping, and RD.
- The connectivity issue exists on my laptop only.  When my laptop can't see the server, other computers in the office can.
- When my laptop can't see the server, it still can see other servers and workstations in the office.
- I just reinstalled the OS on my laptop.  The intermittent connectivity issue did not exist prior to the reinstall.
- I periodically connect to the network with VPN and have never had trouble connecting to the server using a VPN connection.

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Anything different about your laptop?  Do you have a static ip config on it?  Is this a routed network or are you on the same subnet as the server on wireless and ethernet?
can you recreate this issue 'on demand' or must you wait for it 'to happen'?
is there anything in the System or Application logs on your machine in the minutes leading up to the scotoma?
have you tried to remove/re-add your machine to the domain?
jdanaAuthor Commented:
That was it guys.  I'd forgotten I'd set up a DHCP reservation for the NIC to make my life easier with a VNC app.  I killed the reservation and voila!  Any idea why the reservation caused the connectivity issue?  (My MAC address didn't change with the reinstall.  It seems like it should have continued to work.)
Check your server event logs for a couple of errors.

Errors in the 8000's that elude to a browser conflict. Also IP conflicts should be picked up on the client's event logs indicating that more than one node shares the same IP address.

So, either its a browser conflict or another node has a fixed IP that you reserved.
jdanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great feedback guys.
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