Cheap PHP/MySQL server

Good evening,
ive been looking for a cheap PHP / Mysql Server. It doesnt need to be powerful just cheap to buy and run.

I was looking at a 'Cobalt Raq Web Server' as you can get them cheap off ebay for less than £50, and they look like what Im looking for. However I would prefer to spend a little extra and get one brand new (with warrenty), however for something similar I cant find for less than £350, and are all over speced for what Im looking to do. I was looking at a cheap Atom with linux on, but they are not rack mounted and no LCD control on the front (which would be nice), and all about £280..

I just have a few web applications Id like to run, which would only be accessed by me, and on my own LAN. I currently have a shared web host, and the response times are slow.

I am a cheap skate, but does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you
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tonelm54Author Commented:
Im ok with software, its the hardware side of things Im looking at currently.
any machine (could be a pentium 3 wich 256 RAM 800 MHZ ) win XP or any linux dist can do the job for you .
my company have a p3 , 1Ghz 256 ram and win XP with easyphp 5 machine hosting our website (i know it not a real server but it doing well and that"s not a critical point for us )

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have a "pentium 3 with 512MB RAM 800 MHZ" running Ubuntu 8.04 with PHP/MySQL for my own internal use.  Works fine.  It won't support a lot of connections but I'm the only one here.
also you can add a new PCI network card that may be Giga or at least Fast ethernet  (10/100) to encrease the bandwidth outgoing the server .
tonelm54Author Commented:
Ok, do you think a PC running Ubuntu server with PHP and Mysql installed would run "nicely" on a PC spec:-
          2.0GB 800MHz NON-ECC DDRII MB (1*2GB) Memory
          Intel Atom 330 (1.6GHz, 533MHz, 512KB)

Unfortantly it doesnt have a hard drive in, however as it doesnt need to be too big, Im thinking of trying to install the OS onto a 32Gb USB data-stick, and use it as a Mysql Data-store and the htdocs folder.

Any suggestions, including 'your mad' :-)
Yes it's enough for your needs .installing the os on usb stick maybe not a good idea ,but iwill do the job . try to get any 40 giga hard drive for that machine , 40 gg are cheap and you can found even greater with lilte money.
To expand on Osmoze's comment aout the usb stick: it is very possible that the slow response times you are currently seeing have little or nothing to do with the network connection. I've got a server that recently had some response time issues, where it was taking 6-9 seconds to respond.

The server in question:
 * 4x 64-bit AMD Opteron 2214 HE (~2.2Ghz)
 * 8GB RAM
 * mirrored scsi drives

My main site gave abysmal performance, but all the other sites (very simple ones) responded in a fraction of a second.  The culprit, it turned out, was a combination of not-ultra-fast drives and incredibly poor performance in how the __autoload() function was finding the appropriate class files.

In other words, the poor performance of that USB stick could cause the entire server to seem very sluggish.  You should get a regular hard disk for the server instead.

Do you really need it an old machine running? you could rent your way in to cheap vps (virtual private servers) Which you will get a 1gbps connection with an ip address and full root access and a quadcore cpu(i7 or Xeon) processor. and by the looks of it you need no more than 512mb, and some swap memory.

And all for a very very small amount of money each month (5$ and below)

so in my opinion, you get:

ALOT more firepower
Faster connection
No power usage (yes a machine consumes alot of power, and can be abit expensive when running 24/7)
and 99,9% uptime

The disadvantage are of course that you are not in physical contact with the server.

I suggest looking at where they have a list of all the vpses available, and review comments and so on for the quality (you can also sort by countries and more)
tonelm54Author Commented:
Thank you.

I thought the best way was to equally share the points between all who helped.

Thank you
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