antcall is slow in linux

<antcall target = " "> is suddenly slow in Linux from yesterday .It is use to be very fast.

Below is my script

<target name="netchange-load-partinterchange" depends="netchange-resolve-partinterchange">
    <for param="file">
        <fileset dir="${load.xml.dir}">
          <include name="${date}-xrefs-*.xml.resolved" />
          <include name="${date}-unspaced-*.xml.resolved" />
        <antcall target="massload-update">
          <param name="massload.file" value="@{file}" />
One difference is  we have more files in the  our directory "load.xml.dir"(5000 files).
Is this causing the slowness?

Please help me in this.
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The number of files in a directory can have a big affect on the speed of file operations and that may be what is happening here. It should be easy to set up a test to determine if that is what is happening.
vvsrk76Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank You

I will test on Test Env

Thanks for your time
vvsrk76Author Commented:
Thank you..
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