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Hello everyone,

I am attemtping to deploy images using snap deploy 3 with a PXE server. I reveive the errow when booting up. PXE-E55 ProxyDHCP no reply to request on port 4011

An article is telling me to delete options 66 and 67 in DHCP. I was able to delete option 60. Here is the erro I receive while attempting to delete options 66 and 67

Command completed successfully.
netsh dhcp server>delete optionvalue 66
The specified option does not exist.
netsh dhcp server>delete optiondef 66

DHCP Server Delete OptionDef failed.

Parameter(s) passed are either incomplete or invalid.
netsh dhcp server>

Thankk you
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pmasottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this happens whe the DHCP server and the PXE server are in different PCs

read this

1.Hit Start -> Run and type netsh
2.Issue the following commands:

netsh>dhcp>server \\[server_machine_name] or [IP address]
netsh dhcp>delete optiondef 60
netsh dhcp>delete optiondef 66
netsh dhcp>delete optiondef 67

sethendresAuthor Commented:
I understand that. Same article I came across. I was successful at deleting option 60. I was unable to delete 66 and 67.
#60 = Client Identifier (set to "PXEClient")      >   you erased this one
#66 = Boot Server Host Name                         >   thisone was not set that's why you couldn't erased it
#67 = BootFile Name                                       >   this one was not set that's why you couldn't erased it

have you tried and see if you get the same error now?

vivigattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess that you can't delete option 66 and 67 IF THEY DO NOT EXIST.
Do they exist ?
At the scope level or server level maybe ?

You should read my article on EE:
It tries to explain what are Option 66, 67 and 60 used for.

I do not know snap deploy 3, so I can't tell for sure. BUt if it acts as a "PXE Server", meaning that it provides "tftp server" IP adress and "bootfile name", you must not use DHCP opt 66 and 67.
If this snap deploy 3 process runs on the same host that runs DHCP server, you need to add DHCP option 60, set it to "PXEClient" in order to instruct PXE clients that they must contact PXE server on UDP 4011 on the host that also runs DHCP server.
If the PXE server runs on some other host, it will bind to bootps port (just like DHCP service) and supply the "PXE boot configuration" to client which send DHCP requests from a PXE rom.

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