Powerpoint is locking up editing existing ppt files

When opening up a powerpoint file it has an error show that states that either fonts are not supported or links are broken. The affected slides are altered to delete the font or link and then says OK?
you choose ok and then begin editing the file and at some random point the file locks up. The task managed shows two Powerpoints runnning. You kill then and start over. After starting over the Powerpoint does not show a recovered file. If you start a new ppt and insert from file and keep the source formating then it seems to work fine. This is a big issue with people not knowing how to inset slides from a siled and we would like to get it resolved.

Thank you
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Yes, it's the bad update that's the problem. Here's the fix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2543241 
srpashiaAuthor Commented:
This was added to the security zone in case it is a virus.
Which version of PPT? (Sounds almost like the bad update from a couple of weeks ago...)
srpashiaAuthor Commented:
It is Powerpoint 2003
Attached is a image of the error.
What update are you refering to and more importanly is there a fix?

thank you for looking at this for us
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