Configuring CAS Servers

1.      I  didn't configure a primary external namespace during my CAS setup. I know that I will have to run the following commands from PowerShell  to configure the virtual directories for the Offline Address Book, Exchange Web Services, Exchange ActiveSync, Outlook Web App, and Exchange Control Panel.  
2.      I created a CAS Array with two CAS Servers with a name like ExCASArray.  Should I substitute the name of the CAS server with the CAS Array name in the command below?
3.      In the example below the CAS server is named <CAS2010>.  If the answer is no I shouldn’t substitute, should I run those commands for both of my CAS Servers?

a.      Offline Address Book: Set-OABVirtualDirectory <CAS2010>\OAB* -ExternalURL 
b.      Web Services: Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory <CAS2010>\EWS* -ExternalURL
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abhijitmdpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll need to run the same command on both of your servers with their own server name. If you are using exchange 2010 you'll not need to run these commands, you can configure it using exchange management console.
Since you are setting up External URLs, you should use the namespace only External clients will use. The CAS Array Name, or internal server names should be used on the internal URL only.

So internalURL =, ExternalURL =

I've found that either the servername or CAS Array name work in the InternalURL field.
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