Backup ASA 7.2 running config

Hello experts, please help. I have an ASA, version is 7.2(2), I need to backup the running config and put into a newer ASA. I’m able to use ASDM to backup config on newer version, but not this one, when I connected with ASDM it auto downgrade to version 5.2. I’m new in this, please let me know the steps to backup and restore. I'm able to connect with telnet. Thank you in advance.
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are the same model ? why you need to change to older ? you d better upgrade the olde ios !
any way .
to save the configuration from the older ,
you can access the runing config even with the older version of asdm . just go to the menu and look fo save running-config ( i donot remember the exact menu but it's there for sure )

or connect to asa in commande line ( telnet IP of asa  on the enabled telent interface by default management interface is enable for this on asa ) .
and follow these steps ,they are the same for pix or asa :

if you need an ftp server ,download filezilla server free and handy

 that"s what i m using configure user and password for ftp access . and complete the steps (in the steps they use TFTP but its the same using FTP with filezilla )

if you need any further help let me know

Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Use the command write net to send the config to a tftp server (solarwinds has a good one:
The write net command is to be used from a telnet/ssh session:
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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