error with proc parameters

PROCEDURE get_email_contents (
      o_rc                  OUT      NUMBER,
      o_reason              OUT      VARCHAR2,
      i_deal_id             IN       cq_deal.opty_number%TYPE,
      i_quote_object_id     IN       cq_quote.object_id%TYPE,
      i_email_cd            IN       cq_message_type.MESSAGE_TYPE%TYPE,
      i_user_id             IN       VARCHAR2,
      i_approver_seq        IN       cq_pdr_appr_route_vw.queue_seq%TYPE DEFAULT 1,
      i_locale              IN       VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'en_US',
      ---to handle localisation
      o_email_from          OUT      cq_message_type.message_from%TYPE,
      o_email_to            OUT      cq_message_type.message_to%TYPE,
      o_email_cc            OUT      cq_message_type.message_cc%TYPE,
      o_email_subject       OUT      VARCHAR2,
      o_email_reply_to      OUT      cq_message_type.message_reply_to%TYPE,
      o_email_text          OUT      cq_notification.message_body%TYPE,
      i_source_profile_id   IN       NUMBER DEFAULT NULL,
      o_file_name           OUT      VARCHAR2,
      o_file_data           OUT      BLOB,
      i_order_number        IN       dm_order_header.web_order_id%TYPE
   --added for Q2O notifications
      o_mail_to             OUT     cq_notification.message_to%TYPE,
      o_mail_cc             OUT    cq_notification.message_cc%TYPE,
      o_email_bcc           OUT     cq_notification.message_bcc%TYPE
      --added for printing a banner in email body incase of nonproduction---
after adding the above banner i got the error

Syntax check (3023: 7): Found:  'o_mail_to' Expecting: )  ,   -or-   :=  DEFAULT
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cklautauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is really missing a comma after "  i_order_number        IN       dm_order_header.web_order_id%TYPE".
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
What banner did you add?  I don't see it.

Is this part of a package?  If so, I think the problem is in either the package definition of the package body.  The section you didn't paste the the above code from.

My guess is you are missing a ',' (comma) before o_mail_to.
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