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We have an HP Color Laserjet CP2025dn that has been plagued by constant cleaning and misprint issues which have been documented in a few discussion forums (google "cp2025dn misprint" to see examples).  Basically when printing duplex, the printer prints one good double-sided page, spits out an incomplete second page, then goes into "cleaning" mode.  After cleaning for a while, it says "misprint, hit ok" and repeats the clean/misprint cycle on the following page.  I've tried everything suggested in the discussion threads (update firmware, change drivers, clear physical memory, set paper type to heavy in preferences) and the behavior has not changed.

Has anyone found a fix for this?  If not, have you found a good replacement color laser with automatic duplexing?

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taftelectricAuthor Commented:
I found a suggestion on another forum to use the web interface to configure some additional printer settings.  We had originally set it up local using USB but I set it up via network to get to the configuration page via IP address, and found a bunch more settings to adjust.

In addition to the settings below, I changed the "paper type" to heavy and set it manually to tray 2 and letter size paper.  It has been working well (for now at least).

In Paper Out Handling:
Select Specify Time and Action.
Paper Out Time: 0 Seconds
Paper Out Action: Override

In System Tab and Print Quality:
Power-On Calibration: 60 Minutes
Calibration Timing: 168 hours
I don't have an answer for you, but if the printer has been doing this from new, or if it is still under warranty, I would get HP to replace it with a working one.

Alternatively, I have always been happy with the performance of Xerox printers. Have a look at
taftelectricAuthor Commented:
Found additional comments on the web, was able to correct the problem with the additional information
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