exchange 2010 message tracking

I just took a new job and the exchange 2010 is a mess.  I am trying to log into the web interface from message tracking for Exchange Server 2010 under the toolbox in the Exchange Management console.   I don't know what the email address is for the admin account.  I tried all the default ones I know but with no luck.  I am searching the Exchange setup for the email address and user ID used to access the ECP from OWA.
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mbaker100196Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The account that I am using is already part of the Organization Management group.  That was the first thing I checked.
Can you create or get access to an account with Exchange Organization Management rights?
mbaker100196Author Commented:
Problem correct with correctly installed roll up 5.
mbaker100196Author Commented:
The problem is deeper than just a permissions issue.  Roll 5 did not completely install correctly and would not allow OWA and therefore, I could not get to ECP.  After correctling the Roll 5 problem I was able to use the tracking tools from ECP
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