LDIFDE error when trying to update Schema for SCCM 2007

I am trying to extend AD using the Configuraiton Manager 2007 schema file.  When I run the following command:

ldifde -i -f ConfigMgr_ad_schema.ldf -v -j C:\ldifde

I get an error when it hits the first line that gives the following message:

Add error on entry starting on line 56: Referral
The server side error is: 0x202b A referral was returned from the server.
The extended server error is:
0000202B: RefErr: DSID-030A0AEB, data 0, 1 access points
        ref 1: '733675de-db8e-4a03-8010-9fdcb09a1ffd._msdcs.mydomain.co

0 entries modified successfully.
An error has occurred in the program
I've run this from my different servers including an AD server, a non-ad server, and the schema master.

I have also tried executing as both myself (Domain admin, Schema Admin member) and my Domain Admin account.

Any ideas?

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geoff-sAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I followed all the steps in the article. I've now solved the issue.

It was a permissions issue. The user I was logged in as wasn't a member of Schema Admin group.
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Did you perform the steps indicated here:

Specifically step 3: replacing DC=x with your domain?

geoff-sAuthor Commented:
Solved issue on my own
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