Clevo X7200 - SLI 485M With or without additional AC Adapter & Power Converter Box ?

I've been getting conflicting answers.

Some say that the Additional AC Adapter is a necessity to exert the laptop to its fullest extent and that you plug in both adapters simultaneously, whereas others say it's not a necessity at all. I called Sager, a tech guy told me that with the i7 960 cpu I would not need the additional Adapter.

Can somebody please clarify this for me?

Do I really need the additional AC Adapter or not?

Thank you.
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jamietonerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't plan on overclocking you don't need it. If you go with the 990x and or want to overclock then yes get the converter and the extra adapter.
John86aAuthor Commented:
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