is it possible to go from a RAID 0 back to a RADI 1 after a drive was removed?

So i screwed up major today and while trying to replace a degraded RAID 1 Mirror i some how reduced it to a single drive Raid 0 or somthing as the new (replacment drive for the failed mirrored drive) now just says ready or make hot spare and the RAID 1 now says optimal but only as a single drive.  the controller is an Intel SRCZCRX and the drives are 80 pin SCSI.  I know there is the ability to go from two to one drives, but how do i make the hot spare a part of the mirror again?  All i can think of is backing it up and recreating the mirror and then restoring.  Any help on this most welcome.
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RAID migration is not possible from RAID 0 to RAID 1. Please refer page 28 of attached PDF.

This is what it says

"RAID Level Migration
RAID level migration is accomplished using the Expand Array Drive feature. To expand a
RAID 0 drive to a RAID 4 or 5, requires that you add at least one additional drive to the
array. Migrating from RAID 4 or 5 to RAID 0 frees one disk. The RAID controller allows
the following RAID level migrations of a given array drive:
1. RAID 0 Æ RAID 4: add new disk, parity is calculated and written to new disk
2. RAID 0 Æ RAID 5: add new disk, parity calculated and written to new disk, then
parity is distributed over all disk
3. RAID 5 Æ RAID 0: parity written to one disk, parity disk freed and removed
4. RAID 4 Æ RAID 0: parity disk freed and removed
5. RAID 4 Æ RAID 5: parity distributed over all disk
6. RAID 5 Æ RAID 4: parity written to one disk
Basic migration process: RAID 0 ¿ RAID 4 ¿ RAID 5
To initiate a migration the RAID array must be have a status of ready." srczcr-tps.pdf
That's the only way I know.
But if you back it up first, then you can experiment in relative safety.
kseathAuthor Commented:
even considering it is a single drive raid 0?  which I know makes no sense, but it was a two drive raid and the partner drive was removed.  it says Optimum but still a single drive.
I never tried with a single drive Raid0. And not sure it will give you an option to convert it to Raid1.
You might be able to make a Raid0+1 out of it (the spec I saw said it did Raid10, so it might do 0+1).

But I would make a backup first, with the assumption of doing a clean rebuild, and then try converting it before that. If it trashes the Raid0, then you haven't lost anything, just go ahead with the rebuild.
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